Our investment philosophy is the set of core values that provide the foundation for our approach:

Discipline and flexibility. Analysis and humanism.

Our portfolio managers are passionate about both analytics and social-behavioral trends that create paradigm shifts and new opportunities. We travel extensively, researching, collecting, and observing, in pursuit of new insights and new opportunities to leverage our in-depth fundamental, quantitative, and technical analytics.

Innovation. Evolution.

Our disciplined thematic approach to investing is rooted in the understanding that the world is constantly evolving and that the most compelling opportunities and themes arise as a result of change and innovation, not stasis.

Vision. Insight. Experience.

The benefit to our hands-on approach and passion for research is that every piece of information we interact with becomes an opportunity. We see the world and consume information differently. This insight drives the evolution of our investment themes, which in turn continue to shape the way that we see and gain knowledge from the world around us.

Consistency, not blind adherence.

The development of long-term macro investment themes that transcend investment cycles requires a disciplined methodology, which necessarily means that our investment themes shift and evolve to keep pace with, and even anticipate, technological advancements and globalization.


Our long-term track record originates from a consistent and disciplined investment approach focusing on a top-down view of the markets balanced by a bottom-up approach to risk management and strong fundamental stock selection.

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